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Published Wednesday 19 Jun 2013 9:52am | 2
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So E3 has come and gone again and this year we have been treated to the long awaited next gen console releases. The usual controversy has started over which system offer the better choices, and the somewhat typical stances between console fans are taking place.

I have always been one to look at as many facts as I can get my hands on and try to decipher the truth out of rumours and speculaction, trying at all times to remember that they are just that.

So the big news is that the Wii U has finaly announced some of its big titles and will now either sink or swim based on the strength and draw on them.

The PS4 is looking very boxy, sounds as capable as the Xbox One and is being released at $100 cheaper, seems like an obvious choice if you are not flush with cash and have no particular prefrence to who developed your console.

The Xbox One has announced a strong line up of games and also presented a somewhat boxy console of similar power. The biggest news however is that there is a perception that Microsoft has droped the ball on not fully explaining their intentions regarding used software and talking about making the console check in online.

So now as the title of the post suggests it is time to not panic and consider what we have heard about this supposed blunder. Having watched the press conferences and a few additional after conference videos, I have heard that Microsoft do want you to check in online and that one employee had advised that if you do not have a broadband connection, buy an Xbox 360 as the One is not for you (way to go genius - how to alienate an audience 101). On the other hand Microsoft has quite clearly stated that they have the ability to change this at any point.

 If enough people do not pre-order or buy the console in the early stages we should expect them to simply drop this need to 'check-in'.

A similar thing is happening with the used games sale and software DRM. Again Microsoft have told us they are working with the publishers on these aspects, and can change their current stance/model at any point.

At the moment I would say that anyone who is torn about which system to get should sit and wait, and keep their ear on any upcoming information. Or wait for release and see what actualy plays out. Those who can afford and want both will simple buy both anyway as it is more often than not that the console specific releases will lure them in.

For me it has always come down to which games I want to play and on what platform they are coming. When games cost over a hundred dollars at retail, there would have to be a huge difference in console price for that to make a difference. That said a hundred bucks saved on a console means a brand new game on relaese day.


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Posted by NZBuc
On Thursday 20 Jun 2013 12:24 PM
sitting and waiting worked - drm policies now almost identical!
Posted by CraftyReaper
On Friday 21 Jun 2013 11:56 AM
Yup a lot quicker than I expected. Not sure I wanted to lose the family friends benefits though.