The Sexy Brutale

Published Saturday 4 Nov 2017 1:40pm
PlayStation 4

Set in a gothic/American gangster casino mansion you attempt to save the lives of 9 guests who are being brutally murdered by the staff. You play as priest Lafcaadio Boone who wakes up in the mansion and immediately meets the bloodied girl who tasks you with saving the guests and to find out what has become of the owner of the mansion.

Your tools include a mask and a stop watch which set you in a 12 hour loop (real world time 9 minutes) where you get to see the deaths of the guests played over and over again until successfully find a way to overt their demise. To do so you roam the corridors, tailing the predators and the prey and learning which parts of the environment that you can interact with, secret rooms, secret switches and ghostly stories. Consider it like a more gruesome interactive version of the movie Groundhog Day (Bill Murray) but instead of getting with the girl by having the perfect day you save peoples lives. Each time the day resets you lose almost all your items but retain knowledge of people’s movement, key codes and recipes. When you save a guest you get their mask, which adds a new power, which allows further progression throughout the mansion (E.g. better eavesdropping skills or the ability to lock pick)

It’s a great little puzzle action game. The time mechanic is well done and the story is tight, progressively revealing more about the guests and finally the reason behind the murderous intent of the staff. It looks amazing with a stylized cartoon look, with well-realized and varied mansion. Big thumbs up to a great jazzy soundtrack and a few vocal songs recordings, which are pretty amazing.

No major errors, maybe a little slow down between rooms but not that I noticed and though there is repetition (this is Groundhog Day) you can speed forward the clock as well. Took me about 10 hours but I played at a chilled pace and soaked everything up. If you use a guide I would expect it would take 2-3 hours but you would lose a lot of the fun.

Overall strongly recommend you have a go at this game. It was available cheap on the PSN Store so if you're looking for a nice, different puzzler then go for it.

The Sexy Brutale
"Groundhog Day meets Murder Most Horrid"
- The Sexy Brutale


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