VGX Predictions

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VGX Predictions

Fallout 4

We all know it's coming so why not announce it at the VGX. Bethesda's last project Skyrim released in 2011 with the DLC being completed in 2012. Skyrim by the way was announced at the VGAs in 2010. So Bethesda's most likely working on a new title which I believe will release in spring 2014 with them giving us a sweet teaser at the VGXs.


Next Gen Batman Arkham Title


Batman: Arkham Origins was made by WB games Montreal. So what's RockSteady up to then? It's been two years since Arkham City so surely RockSteady's been working away on a new game. Kevin Conroy, who didn't voice Batman in Arkham Origins, confirmed he worked several months on an Arkham game. There’s also job listings hinting at "one of the most successful game of 2014". So it must be a new Batman game right? With Arkham City being announced at VGA 2010, VGX is our best bet for an announcement.


Uncharted (PS4)

Already announced at the PS4 all access event, Naughty Dog's new title is none other than Uncharted. While details were scarce, I'm sure ND will give us more information at the VGX this year with maybe some gameplay footage.


Mass Effect 4

mass effect 3

With teases from Bioware coming in left and right, a Mass effect announcement must be close by. Mass Effect 3 was announced at the VGAs in 2010 so a Mass Effect 4 announcement at the VGX is not far fetched. We probably won't see any gameplay footage but seeing the new protagonist will be great nonetheless.


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Posted by scotteffone
On Friday 29 Nov 2013 12:31 AM
I don't know if there will be a new Mass Effect. Personally I hope they come up with a new IP.