Your Guide to Halo 5

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Your Guide to Halo 5

Halo 5 is the 1st Party SciFi FPS by Microsoft and 343 Industries. As it is currently free I'll be your guide to the different modes and campaign.

We'll start of with the Campaign.  This is your single player experience. Comes in 2 flavours, Standard, which includes cinematics and is the best way to experience the story, and Score attack, which disables cinematics, and is the best way to challenge your friends or yourself to see what the highest score or fastest time you can get is.

The story follows two Spartan Fireteams, Osiris, following 3 Brand new characters and a returing favourite, and Blue Team, which follows everyones favourite Master Chief and his team that has been with him since childhood.

I recommend watching a quick story catchup if you haven't played Halo before or have missed a few games, otherwise you will be left feeling confused and dazzled.

Multiplayer wise, Halo 5 offers a variety of different options for all players, from the folks who just want to shoot their guns, and the folks who play for keeps, there are plenty of options for either sides.

The MP is split into two different categories, Warzone and Arena.

Warzone is the large scale multiplayer which is brand new to Halo, and incorporates the also new REQ system. (The hyperlink takes you to a video explaining this new system)

Inside the Warzone menu, it is split into 3 Game types, Warzone, which is the standard mode, where two teams compete over 3 Bases to gain control and destroy the enemies core, with Bosses and AI to kill to earn extra points. First to 1000 wins if the core is not destroyed.

Warzone Assault is the second of three modes. In this mode, one team will defend and the other team will attack. No bosses or AI. Its really straight forward.

Warzone Firefight is the newest mode, and is the reason the game is currently free. In this mode 8 players work together to complete objectives while fighting hordes of AI. Objectives vary from defense of bases or killing bosses. This is a hell of a lot of fun and you need to play it.

The second of the two MP variants is Arena. This is the classic Halo MP experience. In this the req system is not available, but you still be rewarded with Req Points.

There are two more main types of modes in Arena, Ranked and Social.

There are 4 Main gamemodes for ranked.

Slayer, First to 50, 4v4, pretty much Team Deathmatch.

CTF, Capture the Flag, get the opposing teams flag and bring it back to score. First to 3 wins or whoever has more points when time runs out.

Strongholds, 3 Points are on a map, capture two and hold them too score. First too 100 wins.

Assault, 1 Bomb spawns, take it and plant it to score.

Ranked playlists are:

Team Arena, which is the currently Halo World Champs playlist, so competitive settings are present. You play to win here,

Slayer, pretty much Team Deathmatch.

Breakout, a new mode, players have low heath and 1 life. First to five rounds wins.

FFA, Free For All slayer. Every man for themselves.

SWAT, Slayer, No shields, aim for the head. (A good way to clean up your aim)

The Unranked modes are:

Big Team Battle, smaller than Warzone, larger than Team Arena, no req system, same game modes as Team Arena.

Infection, Infected have to kill Survivors. The survivors become infected if they are killed.

Weekly Playlist, This playlist changes every week or fortnightly if it is popular. Increased EXP gain.

I hope this has helped you in your Halo journey. I hope you understand now. If you want to play with someone, send me a message on Xbox Live, my gamertag is ChieftaiNZ





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