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ha2e48 PS4 vs Xbox One; Hard Choices.

Every other gen has been so simple, ps1 cd v n64 cartridges, ps2 era was a white wash, x360 was out a full year before ps3, but this time,..
Posted by ha2e48 | Monday 24 Jun 2013 5:35pm | 3

NZBuc What should Microsoft do next?

After a huge change in their drm policies, what should Microsoft do next to try and regain market share?
Posted by NZBuc | Sunday 23 Jun 2013 9:48pm | 7

Khaos_Kiwi World War Two and Next-Gen: Will It Make A Comeback?

Next-gen consoles and the revitalisation of the WWII shooter.
Posted by Khaos_Kiwi | Saturday 22 Jun 2013 5:58pm | 4

oh2bme Dear Sony

Oh2bme or just to be me?
Posted by oh2bme | Friday 21 Jun 2013 2:34pm | 1

koolkonor My thoughts on Battlefield 4!!!

This is a blog about my thoughts only of batttlefield 4.
Posted by koolkonor | Thursday 20 Jun 2013 8:45pm | 2

CraftyReaper Don't Panic

Have Microsoft really dropped the ball.
Posted by CraftyReaper | Wednesday 19 Jun 2013 9:52am | 2

Tatty4ever E3

Looking back on E3
Posted by Tatty4ever | Monday 17 Jun 2013 11:12pm

Maugapaia The Division

My first blog and a bit about me as a gamer. Be kind :-)
Posted by Maugapaia | Monday 17 Jun 2013 5:57pm

hairyfil Has Microsoft been too quiet ?

What should Microsoft do next?
Posted by hairyfil | Monday 17 Jun 2013 3:34pm

kiwijinxter PS4, Xbox One or... the 3DS XL?

From E3 2013, it appears PS4 wins hands down in the PS4 vs Xbox One pre-release battle! Oh but are we overlooking the 3DS XL?
Posted by kiwijinxter | Sunday 16 Jun 2013 11:07pm

NickJacques My Gaming Life So Far

A blog on how my gaming life has evolved through the years. A variety of consoles and the differences in games played. Would love to hear some..
Posted by NickJacques | Sunday 16 Jun 2013 2:57pm | 2

hairyfil Anonymous xbox engineer tells all
Posted by hairyfil | Saturday 15 Jun 2013 5:35pm

vaakoh What I'm Playing and What I Want to Play

A short summary of what games I'm currently playing and what I'm waiting for.
Posted by vaakoh | Saturday 15 Jun 2013 6:46am

Madbunny Recent indie games that I haven't got my hands on

recent indie games that I'm interested in.
Posted by Madbunny | Thursday 13 Jun 2013 1:53pm

hairyfil Committed to Xbone

Xbox One blog - my first blog.
Posted by hairyfil | Wednesday 12 Jun 2013 8:06pm | 3

NZBuc Is it time to return to playstation?

After about 10 years with Xbox, I'm contemplating getting a ps4 instead of an Xbox one
Posted by NZBuc | Tuesday 11 Jun 2013 10:59pm | 2

Davideo Things have changed

I love the xbox360 but I'm having alot of doubts about Xbox one
Posted by Davideo | Monday 10 Jun 2013 10:10pm | 3

Saul1991 Space Sim Games

Space sims
Posted by Saul1991 | Monday 10 Jun 2013 11:46am | 1

xmorph Making your own PS3 themes/backgrounds

A guide on making your own PS3 themes and backgrounds
Posted by xmorph | Sunday 26 May 2013 12:22pm | 11

teljam Xbox One - What we know...

I've summarised some of the stuff we now know about the Xbox One + a few other interesting bits.
Posted by teljam | Thursday 23 May 2013 3:52pm | 8

ssjroneel A Casual Rise

a quick little thought that came to mind, thought id share and discuss with other on their opinions.
Posted by ssjroneel | Monday 20 May 2013 8:56pm | 5

woollywol Sorcery : Move magic is MIA

The game promises much fun with the Move standing in for a magic wand - but the demo proved lacklustre and left me yet again unenthusiastic..
Posted by woollywol | Sunday 19 May 2013 5:35pm | 8

Jake A Spammers guide to the Forums!

For all you spammers out there (you know who you are) read this guide to educate yourself on how to become a well-respected member of the..
Posted by Jake | Friday 17 May 2013 9:01pm | 13

LoftyDog A Tale of Two Shepards * ME Spoilers Within *

A tale of Two Shepards, and how a Quarian and her friend nearly brought the galaxy to its knees.
Posted by LoftyDog | Thursday 9 May 2013 8:29am | 16

tom_nz RSI update

Just a quick update on how the ole rsi is coming along for any that are interested.
Posted by tom_nz | Wednesday 8 May 2013 3:59pm | 7

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