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Found: 911 records, showing: 176 to 200
Wertbag Nostalgia

Reminiscing over the last 30 years of gaming computers
Posted by Wertbag | Wednesday 10 Jul 2013 6:14pm | 4

dark_hadou1 Metal Gear Solid: The story so far (Pt. II)

This will be my second attempt at writing a blog, I thought what better way to polish my writing/editing skills than to just jump in the deep..
Posted by dark_hadou1 | Tuesday 9 Jul 2013 10:40am | 2

nFusion PS3 Net Connections

The woes of VDSL and Online Gaming
Posted by nFusion | Tuesday 9 Jul 2013 8:39am | 6

dark_hadou1 Metal Gear Solid: The story so far

This blog is my interpretation of the the metal gear series for fans, and people new to the franchise alike. In anticipation of Metal Gear..
Posted by dark_hadou1 | Friday 5 Jul 2013 4:04pm | 10

Wertbag The contradiction of video game piracy

Is the industry struggling or raking in the cash?
Posted by Wertbag | Thursday 4 Jul 2013 9:29pm | 3

TheUntitled1 A Study on Games: Health Bars

A small study into the variety of ways games show just how healthy we are
Posted by TheUntitled1 | Tuesday 2 Jul 2013 1:39pm | 5

sonny6894 Titanfall: The next blockbuster FPS?

Titanfall is the next game from the publishers of EA. It is developed by Respawn Entertainment and will be launched for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and..
Posted by sonny6894 | Friday 28 Jun 2013 3:11pm | 1

ha2e48 PS4 vs Xbox One; Hard Choices.

Every other gen has been so simple, ps1 cd v n64 cartridges, ps2 era was a white wash, x360 was out a full year before ps3, but this time,..
Posted by ha2e48 | Monday 24 Jun 2013 5:35pm | 3

NZBuc What should Microsoft do next?

After a huge change in their drm policies, what should Microsoft do next to try and regain market share?
Posted by NZBuc | Sunday 23 Jun 2013 9:48pm | 7

Khaos_Kiwi World War Two and Next-Gen: Will It Make A Comeback?

Next-gen consoles and the revitalisation of the WWII shooter.
Posted by Khaos_Kiwi | Saturday 22 Jun 2013 5:58pm | 4

oh2bme Dear Sony

Oh2bme or just to be me?
Posted by oh2bme | Friday 21 Jun 2013 2:34pm | 1

koolkonor My thoughts on Battlefield 4!!!

This is a blog about my thoughts only of batttlefield 4.
Posted by koolkonor | Thursday 20 Jun 2013 8:45pm | 2

CraftyReaper Don't Panic

Have Microsoft really dropped the ball.
Posted by CraftyReaper | Wednesday 19 Jun 2013 9:52am | 2

Tatty4ever E3

Looking back on E3
Posted by Tatty4ever | Monday 17 Jun 2013 11:12pm

Maugapaia The Division

My first blog and a bit about me as a gamer. Be kind :-)
Posted by Maugapaia | Monday 17 Jun 2013 5:57pm

hairyfil Has Microsoft been too quiet ?

What should Microsoft do next?
Posted by hairyfil | Monday 17 Jun 2013 3:34pm

kiwijinxter PS4, Xbox One or... the 3DS XL?

From E3 2013, it appears PS4 wins hands down in the PS4 vs Xbox One pre-release battle! Oh but are we overlooking the 3DS XL?
Posted by kiwijinxter | Sunday 16 Jun 2013 11:07pm

NickJacques My Gaming Life So Far

A blog on how my gaming life has evolved through the years. A variety of consoles and the differences in games played. Would love to hear some..
Posted by NickJacques | Sunday 16 Jun 2013 2:57pm | 2

hairyfil Anonymous xbox engineer tells all
Posted by hairyfil | Saturday 15 Jun 2013 5:35pm

vaakoh What I'm Playing and What I Want to Play

A short summary of what games I'm currently playing and what I'm waiting for.
Posted by vaakoh | Saturday 15 Jun 2013 6:46am

Madbunny Recent indie games that I haven't got my hands on

recent indie games that I'm interested in.
Posted by Madbunny | Thursday 13 Jun 2013 1:53pm

hairyfil Committed to Xbone

Xbox One blog - my first blog.
Posted by hairyfil | Wednesday 12 Jun 2013 8:06pm | 3

NZBuc Is it time to return to playstation?

After about 10 years with Xbox, I'm contemplating getting a ps4 instead of an Xbox one
Posted by NZBuc | Tuesday 11 Jun 2013 10:59pm | 2

Davideo Things have changed

I love the xbox360 but I'm having alot of doubts about Xbox one
Posted by Davideo | Monday 10 Jun 2013 10:10pm | 3

Saul1991 Space Sim Games

Space sims
Posted by Saul1991 | Monday 10 Jun 2013 11:46am | 1

Found: 911 records, showing: 176 to 200
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