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darklordfoamy My thoughts on Five Nights at Freddy's

Or as I like to call it "The adventures of Steve. The worlds most dumbest security guard".
Posted by darklordfoamy | Thursday 28 Aug 2014 2:36pm | 2

drunk_monk No Vita at Gamescom…Uh oh

Another convention has been and gone and we have seen some awesome trailers… but where is the Vita?
Posted by drunk_monk | Monday 25 Aug 2014 3:48pm | 2

drunk_monk Games define a generation

While drama and fails can define a generation, for me its the games that will define the last generation going forward, Here are the top 5..
Posted by drunk_monk | Friday 22 Aug 2014 12:28pm | 18

darklordfoamy My thoughts of Curse of Naxxramas a hearthstone adve...

My thoughts on the recently released Curse of Naxxramas adventure for hearthstone.
Posted by darklordfoamy | Wednesday 20 Aug 2014 10:55am | 2

drunk_monk A unified console, is it the good idea it sounds like?

Do we really want a unified console to remove the need for exclusive content? Would gaming benefit from having one console that plays all games?
Posted by drunk_monk | Monday 18 Aug 2014 4:01pm | 6

drunk_monk What makes an Indie game Indie?

When will Indie not be Indie?
Posted by drunk_monk | Tuesday 12 Aug 2014 3:22pm | 5

darklordfoamy Heroes of the Storm Alpha impressions so far

My thoughts on Blizzards Heroes of the Storms Alpha so far.
Posted by darklordfoamy | Thursday 31 Jul 2014 3:05pm | 1

drunk_monk Steam Early Access – what are you paying for?

What rights do you have? How can that money be used?
Posted by drunk_monk | Thursday 31 Jul 2014 2:11pm | 8

drunk_monk Launch day buyers – the Gamma testers.

Are people who purchase games on day one starting to find themselves in the game testing process?
Posted by drunk_monk | Monday 28 Jul 2014 11:48am | 9

Mattress Xbox For Charity

Thanks to the generosity of NZ Gamer, this is the story of how my wife and I were able to donate an Xbox One to charity - the Salvation..
Posted by Mattress | Thursday 24 Jul 2014 4:40pm | 24

MrDynamX Game Shopping: Store vs Online

Is shopping for games in retail stores really worth it anymore?
Posted by MrDynamX | Thursday 24 Jul 2014 3:02pm | 4

xmorph Wii U, Impressions of a Noob.

My impressions of the Wii U console
Posted by xmorph | Sunday 20 Jul 2014 11:39am | 3

drunk_monk Is the PS Vita dying? 

We only seem to hear things about the Vita failing and rarely hear about sales growth for the handheld device. Should Vita owners be worried?
Posted by drunk_monk | Friday 18 Jul 2014 3:32pm | 13

drunk_monk Game plots are overrated...apparently

Are games stories really overrated? Or do some dev’s under appreciate the value of a good story?
Posted by drunk_monk | Monday 14 Jul 2014 4:00pm | 8

Captain1704 RIP Offline Multiplayer

Does anyone else miss inviting over three mates, getting a pizza and going at it on COD split screen? Almost every game has (particularly FPS)..
Posted by Captain1704 | Friday 11 Jul 2014 4:04pm | 2

Kaelian Heroes of the Storm Alpha!

First impressions of the Heroes of the Storm technical Alpha!
Posted by Kaelian | Friday 11 Jul 2014 2:28pm

drunk_monk Exclusive content – does it make a difference?

Would you buy a console for 60 more minutes of Watchdogs goodies?
Posted by drunk_monk | Tuesday 8 Jul 2014 4:21pm | 11

Romulus My Top 5 Movies/TV Shows That Need Video Games

There are some truly deserving movies that have yet to receive a video game in their honour. Below I list the top five movies I think need to..
Posted by Romulus | Tuesday 8 Jul 2014 3:17pm | 6

drunk_monk Phil Fish says something controversial; why do we care?

The creator of Fez has caused controversy time and time again. The bigger surprise is the gaming world cares.
Posted by drunk_monk | Wednesday 2 Jul 2014 4:01pm | 8

Jermachi Something old, something new. Something borrowed, a ...

The tale of a night that could have been.
Posted by Jermachi | Tuesday 1 Jul 2014 1:17am | 1

Romulus My 5 Most WTF Game Endings

My list of my top 5 games that resulted in WTF moments on completion! We've all had them so think it's time to share!
Posted by Romulus | Tuesday 24 Jun 2014 8:24pm | 2

drunk_monk My problems with Tropes vs. Women in Video Games

This video really ground my gears so I wanted to explain some of the glaring issues with the video.
Posted by drunk_monk | Tuesday 24 Jun 2014 12:58pm | 9

Jermachi Exclusivity in this new generation

A few of my thoughts on the big exclusive titles of this year's E3
Posted by Jermachi | Monday 16 Jun 2014 7:00pm

threeeighths On Street Fighter

I want to play again, but I've struggled to care enough for a long time.
Posted by threeeighths | Saturday 14 Jun 2014 9:04pm | 4

Wertbag Sequels vs Originality

Are sequels really a bad thing?
Posted by Wertbag | Friday 13 Jun 2014 4:52pm | 1

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