Battlefield 2

Published Monday 28 Apr 2008 1:05pm

Battlefield 2...

One of the most played games today...
Its a huge step up from BF42 in graphics, team play and more...

I dont play it too much but i do still play it a bit from time to time these days...
Its great as you get to fly around in modern day planes, drive modern day tanks and jeep and use modern day technology like UAV's.

Run around in huge maps based in different part's of the globe... have head to head tank fights in the vast open desert or sniper off your foe's from a distance on a jungle cliff..

The heat is still on in this great game...


"A truly epic game still played by millions around the world."
- Battlefield 2


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Posted by wharekura
On Thursday 14 Nov 2013 8:30 PM
Sounds Epic !!! Cant wait to check it out !