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I play PS3 a lot, as well as with myself. HA. But seriously, I have Guitar Hero WT, Resistance 2, KZ2, Midnight Club LA, and your mum, all of which I play with on a semiregular basis. I also sometimes play PC, but it's hardly a gamers PC, and who needs it when PS3 exists? I don't know how to change my "About Barnicals", which is hilerious and flawed, but I really don't care. My PSN is MortalForce. If this name or anything regarding it gives you an erection, a wholeheartedly encourage you to pull it out... and slam it in a door. I live in Palmy and lead a clan on Resistance 2 called The Palmy Army. It's a small operation, but there's room for a lot of.... AGRESSIVE expansion. Apparently, NZ broadband runs at 10 mbps currently. The new fibreoptic cable will allow this to increase to 25 mbps. Australias broadband can reach 200 mbps. It makes me sick. That and sickness.

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Reduce, reuse, recycle.

Maybe not what you're thinking. Also this week, game costs.
Published Friday 3 Jul 2009 2:20pm | 13

Awh, furst evar, Mk II

I'll try make this weekly. This week: Vouchers, loved ones, and starting gaming as a hobby.
Published Tuesday 23 Jun 2009 6:38pm | 19

Awh, furst evar.

A self introduction and general gaming ramble. Well, let's see how well I can do.
Published Tuesday 16 Jun 2009 6:04pm | 20


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