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Well i'm jack and I like to play games. My favourite consoles are DS and Xbox360 because that's all I have.... anyways my favourite genres are FPS and Rpg. My favourite game of all time is Metal Gear Solid. ive played it so many times but still enjoy it. My next favourite game would have to The world ends with you for the DS. I sometimes write game reviews when I'm bored. Iv'e got a couple of them on this site and you can read them if you want. just click the reviews button on my profile. I also like to do some photoshopping sometimes. I made that Profile banner up there and and my avatar. I also make my sigs and yeah... Currently playing: GTA chinatown wars. Look out for a review soon! If I don't get deleted that is.....

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HAWX demo - My impressions

alienhominid shares his thoughts on the HAWX demo.
Published Saturday 7 Mar 2009 9:43pm | 29


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