What is NZGamer.com VIP?

NZGamer.com VIP

NZGamer.com VIP rewards our most loyal visitors and contributors.

If you're already a registered member of NZGamer.com, you may know that every time you leave a comment, post in the forums, or contribute to the site via a blog or reader review you get Reputation Points.

Now your points are more than just a nice number - they also give you real benefits.

We're introducing NZGamer.com VIP.

How do I get NZGamer.com VIP?

We want to reward those who make a contribution to NZGamer.com and the community. Once you reach 500 Reputation Points you'll be awarded NZGamer.com VIP status.

You get points for a variety of actions, plus your forum posts and comments can gain extra points when other members give them a 'thumbs up'. Likewise, you will lose points each time you get a 'thumb down'. Any content deemed to be spam will be removed and no points will be awarded.

You get points for doing the following actions:

  • Registration kick-start - 50 Points
  • Loading an avatar - 10 Points
  • Loading your gaming handles onto your profile - 5 Points
  • Daily login - 1 Point per day
  • Starting a blog - 100 Points
  • Posting a blog entry - 50 Points (plus extra reputation points depending on how the community rates your blog)
  • Writing a reader review - 50 Points
  • Creating a forum topic - 10 Points
  • Each forum post - 1 Point (plus extra points for each thumb up you get from the community)
  • Each site comment - 1 Point (plus extra points for each thumb up you get from the community)
  • Plus if you do something awesome - like submitting us a news tip we use - we may award you with bonus points!

Want to learn how to get extra points? Check out our Points Hints 'n Tips

You'll have to work to keep NZGamer.com VIP - at the start of each calendar month, 10% of your accrued points will be taken by the nastiest of video game villains. This means that even if you're new to NZGamer.com, now is the perfect time to start gathering those points.

NZGamer.com VIP Benefits

  • You automatically receive an extra entry into all NZGamer.com competitions
  • An NZGamer.com VIP tag will be displayed beside your name on your comments and forum posts - letting others know that you're just that little bit special
  • You automatically go into the draw to win our monthly NZGamer.com VIP prize pack!

What's the NZGamer.com VIP Prize Pack?

We're glad you asked! If you manage to get to NZGamer.com VIP status, you'll be eligible for that month's NZGamer.com VIP Prize Pack draw.

Find out what this month's prize pack consists of, plus the full terms and conditions, over on the competition page.

You only need to reach NZGamer.com VIP status by the end of each calendar month to be in the draw, so get cracking!

Have any further questions? Send us an email to feedback@nzgamer.com