Brian McDonald


Brian McDonald


Brian wrote his Master’s dissertation on Deus Ex and Metal Gear Solid, which he sometimes regrets, and all of his tattoos are gamer themed, which he will never regret. He is convinced that Fallout is the greatest game series of all time, and believes the same about Bioshock, Pokémon, and The Elder Scrolls, which is in no way a contradiction.

Originally from Dublin, he's a gamer, a science communicator, and a cat enthusiast. Often at the same time.

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My Recent Articles

Middle-earth: Shadow...
Middle-earth: Shadow of War Review

What’s in the box? What’s in the boooox!? Look, don’t worry about the box; there’s actually a pretty good game here.
Thursday 2 Nov 3:00pm | PS4 | 12

Dishonored: Death of...
Dishonored: Death of the Outsider Review

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider sees us return to Karnaca to (hopefully not have to) kill the Outsider. I really don’t want to kill him.
Thursday 5 Oct 11:00am | PS4 | 4

Agents of Mayhem
Agents of Mayhem Review

It’s not quite Saint’s Row. It’s not quite Overwatch. But these Agents are ready for some shenanigans nonetheless.
Friday 18 Aug 2:00pm | PS4 | 10

Fallout 3: The First Time
Fallout 3: The First Time

Remember the first time you played your favourite game? Brian does. Come and share his love, as he reminisces on the first time he played..
Friday 28 Jul 2:10pm | PS3 | 360 | PC | 13

Fire Emblem Echoes:...
Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia Review

Fire Emblem Gaiden is back in the form of Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. Is it just a shadow of its former self? No. It’s much more.
Friday 14 Jul 11:00am | 3DS | 3

Bulletstorm: Full Clip...
Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Review

Let’s be fair, Bulletstorm is a dumb name. Bulletstorm is a really dumb game. But is it fun? You bet it is.
Thursday 4 May 3:00pm | PS4 | 6

13 Tales from Gaming...
13 Tales from Gaming Retail

From screaming parents to cringey customers, Brian delves into the personal experiences of games retailers to see what they have to tell.
Friday 24 Mar 1:30pm | PS3 | 360 | Wii U | Wii | Switch | PC | Vita | 3DS | 23

For Honor
For Honor Review

How is a game about Knights, Vikings, and Samurai wailing on each other not perfect? Ask Ubisoft.
Wednesday 22 Feb 1:00pm | PS4 | 13

For Honor Closed Beta
For Honor Closed Beta Preview

For Honor pits Viking versus Knights versus Samurai, because they were all thirsty once. No, really. It’s pretty hardcore.
Tuesday 7 Feb 3:00pm | PS4 | 6

Gravity Rush 2
Gravity Rush 2 Review

If you like magical girls, fantasy steampunk, or duck-related sidequests, Gravity Rush 2 is your kind of people.
Wednesday 18 Jan 11:00am | PS4 | 8