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Dene Benham


Dene was gaming before most people were born, and plans on continuing long after everyone is dead. He recently realised that you can have too many consoles on your living room floor, although he hasn't reached that point yet. He has two daughters who spend all their time trolling, studying, putting on eye liner, and playing Diablo 3, Kingdom Hearts, and Skyrim – so they are perfect. He currently owns three different versions of Fallout 3 and a Vault Boy Bobblehead and feels life is complete.

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Five Games That Really Need a Donald Trump Skin

Before the world gets totally Trumped out, it’s time to take a serious look at five games that really need a Donald Trump skin. No..
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Max, Joel, John Marston, and Me

Dene is amped for Red Dead Redemption 2, and here’s why.
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Don Bradman Cricket 17
Don Bradman Cricket 17 Review

It’s Don Bradman’s second season. We check out the custom options, gameplay, and the way Australians pronounce Te Puke.
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Dene's Top Five Games...
Dene's Top Five Games of 2016?

2016 saw some big releases, but did any of them catch Dene's attention? Read his list and find out!
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Steep Review

Ubisoft’s open world mountain-sport simulator mixes extreme action with a lot of wandering around admiring the view.
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WWE 2K17
WWE 2K17 Review

We check out the latest WWE 2K game, and see if we can work through our hate of reversals and Brock Lesnar.
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NHL 17
NHL 17 Review

After the waste of time that was NHL 15 and the solid comeback of NHL 16, we drop the puck on a brand new season.
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PES 2017
PES 2017 Review

In a year of tweaks, rather than significant change, we see how PES performs where it really matters.
Tuesday 4 Oct 11:00am | Xbox One

eSports and Sports
eSports and Sports

Dene stops playing Pokemon Go long enough to wonder if e-gaming is ever going to be a thing. Is the generational divide the problem?
Tuesday 12 Jul 11:00am | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | 9

Grand Kingdom
Grand Kingdom Review

A tactical-RPG with surprising complexities, as well as the usual swords, spells and bouncy blacksmiths.
Friday 1 Jul 11:00am | PS4 | 2