The Weekend Chat: Kickstarting Old Franchises

Torment, Shenmue, System Shock – what’s next for the crowdfunding service?

The Weekend Chat: Kickstarting Old Franchises

The Weekend Chat: Kickstarting Old Franchises

Torment, Shenmue, System Shock – what’s next for the crowdfunding service?

The Weekend Chat:...
The Weekend Chat: Kickstarting Old Franchises

Torment, Shenmue, System Shock – what other games would you like to see brought back via crowdfunding? AAA titles, or smaller ones?
Friday 1 Jul 4:00pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | 5

Final Fantasy Brave...
Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Out Now

The mobile Final Fantasy adventure is available worldwide for free on iOS and Android devices.
Friday 1 Jul 1:54pm | iOS | Android | 3

Super Mario 3 Speedrun...
Super Mario 3 Speedrun to Feature on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show

Popular speedrunner Mitch Fowler will showcase his skills on the U.S. TV talk show tomorrow.
Friday 1 Jul 1:38pm | Wii U | 1

Shenmue 3 Creator...
Shenmue 3 Creator Gives Update on Project

Creator Yu Suzuki released a short video update on how development of the partially crowdfunded game is going.
Friday 1 Jul 1:16pm | PS4 | PC | 1

New Zealand Made...
New Zealand Made Gaming Mouse Hits Kickstarter

Simply named “The Z,” the mouse comes packed with pivot, tilt, and roll functionality to give more granular control.
Friday 1 Jul 12:00pm | PC | 4

The 5 Worst Graphics...
The 5 Worst Graphics Card Ads

We take a trip down digital memory lane, and remember all the rough polygonal edges of early GPU advertising. Who were the worst offenders?
Friday 1 Jul 11:30am | PC | 6

Grand Kingdom
Grand Kingdom Review

A tactical-RPG with surprising complexities, as well as the usual swords, spells and bouncy blacksmiths.
Friday 1 Jul 11:00am | PS4 | 2

Wreck-It Ralph 2...
Wreck-It Ralph 2 Confirmed for 2018

Disney announced today that a sequel is in the works for their CG, gaming-themed movie, slated for March 2018.
Friday 1 Jul 9:37am | 4

David Cage Talks About...
David Cage Talks About Detroit’s New Engine

The Quantic Dream studio head talks a bit about his neo-noir thriller, and the tech that they are pushing to make it more like cinema.
Friday 1 Jul 8:47am | PS4 | 2

Final Splatfest for...
Final Splatfest for Splatoon Arriving July 22

The event this time will be focused around fan-favourites Callie and Marie - who are also getting amiibo releases. Who is your favourite?
Friday 1 Jul 8:18am | Wii U

BioShock: The...
BioShock: The Collection Officially Announced

Return to Rapture and Columbia this September for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC – with bonus commentary too.
Friday 1 Jul 8:00am | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | 4

Enter the Gungeon Gets...
Enter the Gungeon Gets Vinyl EP

The popular indie roguelike is getting a limited physical record release, which can be snatched up on the Devolver Digital store.
Friday 1 Jul 1:59am | PS4 | PC

Video Preview: System...
Video Preview: System Shock (2016) Pre-Alpha Demo

We run through the new System Shock Kickstarter pre-alpha demo. Just how will the final product shape up? This video may help you decide.
Thursday 30 Jun 3:52pm | PC | 1

Friday the 13th Game...
Friday the 13th Game May Get Single-Player Mode

The crowdfunded horror title – which until now was said to be multiplayer only – may be getting the mode if it performs well.
Thursday 30 Jun 1:47pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PC

PlayStation Plus Free...
PlayStation Plus Free Games for July 2016

Subscribers can expect the open-world insanity of Saints Row, as well as depth and complexity from Furi.
Thursday 30 Jun 1:25pm | PS4 | PS3 | Vita | 10

Take a Look at Street...
Take a Look at Street Fighter V’s Rejected Characters

Some include a fighting president, a grumpy scholar, and a “clumsy cutie” that would lose clothes during the fight.
Thursday 30 Jun 1:09pm | PS4 | PC

The Technomancer
The Technomancer Review

Spiders latest RPG lets us play as an electric warrior monk fighting corruption on Mars. How did they manage to get it so wrong?
Thursday 30 Jun 10:49am | PS4 | 9

Sony Has over 20M...
Sony Has over 20M PlayStation Plus Subscribers

The online service reached the number across multiple devices – but the majority comes from their latest console effort.
Thursday 30 Jun 9:16am | PS4 | 6

Screenshots Leak for...
Screenshots Leak for BioShock: The Collection

Following on from name leaks back in February and March, screenshots for the remaster have appeared online too.
Thursday 30 Jun 8:34am | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | 8

Fallout 4 Mods Delayed...
Fallout 4 Mods Delayed for PS4

It looks like Bethesda isn’t having an easy time getting user-made mods running on the PlayStation version of their game.
Thursday 30 Jun 8:23am | PS4 | 3

Final Fantasy VII...
Final Fantasy VII Monopoly Announced

Square Enix announced that their hit RPG would be mixing with the longstanding tabletop boardgame.
Thursday 30 Jun 8:01am | PS4 | 2

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