Unravel Review

We unravel a beautiful tale of love, loss, family, and friendships in this surprising game from EA.

Unravel Review

Unravel Review

We unravel a beautiful tale of love, loss, family, and friendships in this surprising game from EA.

Unravel Review

We unravel a beautiful tale of love, loss, family, and friendships in this surprising game from EA and Coldwood Interactive.
Tuesday 9 Feb 3:00am | PS4 | 1

Red Dead Redemption...
Red Dead Redemption May Join Xbox One Backward Compatibility Soon

Listings for Backward Compatible versions of Red Dead Redemption, Tekken Tag 2, Symphony of the Night, and a few other titles have been found.
Monday 8 Feb 12:33pm | Xbox One | 360 | 2

This Week's MyRepublic...
This Week's MyRepublic Gaming Night is Gears of War Ultimate on Xbox One

This week, Kiwi gamers can get together to play Gears of War Ultimate on Xbox One and win great prizes, as part of MyRepublic Gaming Nights.
Monday 8 Feb 11:30am | Xbox One | 1

Gravity Rush Remastered
Gravity Rush Remastered Review

Is Gravity Rush Remastered as fresh as it was on PS Vita? Will it have staying power or will it once again fade into underrated game purgatory?
Monday 8 Feb 11:00am | PS4 | 1

Titanfall 2 Will Have...
Titanfall 2 Will Have a Singleplayer Campaign, Companion TV Series

Titanfall 2's singleplayer campaign will "deliver a vision of grand global colonial warfare", with a companion TV show from Lionsgate.
Monday 8 Feb 10:02am | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | 2

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Exile5 to Represent...
Exile5 to Represent New Zealand at Halo World Championships

After coming second in the ANZ Regional Final, Team Exile5 have earned a spot at the Halo World Championships next month.
Monday 8 Feb 9:42am | Xbox One | 2

PlayStation Middle...
PlayStation Middle East Drops Crash Bandicoot Tease

Yesterday, PlayStation Middle East shared an image of Crash on a Wanted poster, with the caption "Most wanted... where are you, Crash?"
Monday 8 Feb 8:58am | PS2 | 360 | Wii | PSP | DS | Xbox | GCN | GBA | 4

XCOM 2 Now Available,...
XCOM 2 Now Available, Launch Trailer Released

As of today, XCOM 2 is available worldwide on Steam, and Firaxis have released a new trailer to celebrate the game's launch.
Friday 5 Feb 6:01pm | PC | 1

The Weekend Chat: What...
The Weekend Chat: What Dormant Game Series Should Be Revived?

Remakes, remasters, reboots, and backwards compatibility seem to be the order of the day, but what dormant game or series do you want to see..
Friday 5 Feb 4:00pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PS3 | 360 | Wii U | PC | Vita | 3DS | iOS | Android | 28

Oxenfree Review

Former Telltale writers take a crack at the teen horror genre, and deliver a narrative adventure that’s equal parts heartfelt and eerie.
Friday 5 Feb 3:00pm | PC | 1

Report: Mother 3 to...
Report: Mother 3 to Get Official Localisation in Celebration of 10th Anniversary

EarthBound fans have spent 10 years clamoring for a Western release of its sequel, Mother 3, and there wish may just be granted this year.
Friday 5 Feb 11:36am | Wii U | 1

The Witness
The Witness Review

Eight years in the making, does this puzzler live up to its lengthy production cycle? Read our review to find out.
Friday 5 Feb 11:00am | PS4 | PC | 8

Limited Edition...
Limited Edition Uncharted 4 PS4 Console Bundle Announced

The Uncharted 4 PS4 console comes in Gray Blue, with an image of Nathan Drake on the top and his motto, "Sic Parvis Magna", engraved in gold..
Friday 5 Feb 10:11am | PS4 | 3

Mirror's Edge Catalyst...
Mirror's Edge Catalyst Closed Beta Announced, New Story Trailer

The new trailer offers a deeper look at Faith and the people around here, and while a beta has been announced, there are no details just yet.
Friday 5 Feb 9:14am | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | 4

Doom Gets Friday the...
Doom Gets Friday the 13th Release Date, Collector's Edition Announced

Bethesda have revealed the Collector's Edition for the upcoming Doom reboot, as well as a release date: Friday the 13th of May.
Friday 5 Feb 8:41am | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | 7

Watch the Beginnings...
Watch the Beginnings of Yarny's Adventure in Unravel

Catch a look at the first level Coldwood Interactive's adorable puzzle platformer, Unravel, ahead of its release next Tuesday.
Thursday 4 Feb 6:51pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | 1

Rainbow Moon Lands on...
Rainbow Moon Lands on PS4 on Feb 17

Rainbow Moon on PS4 will have cross-save support with PS3 and Vita. No cross-buy, but current owners will get a 50% discount on PS4.
Thursday 4 Feb 2:41pm | PS4 | 3

Overwatch Closed Beta...
Overwatch Closed Beta Returns Next Week

The closed beta for Blizzard's upcoming shooter Overwatch will return on February 10, with new maps, a new game mode, and other updates.
Thursday 4 Feb 1:25pm | PC | 1

Rollcage Successor...
Rollcage Successor GRIP Crashes Into Steam Early Access

GRIP, a spiritual successor to the futuristic car combat racing game Rollcage, is now available on Steam Early Access for $18.99.
Thursday 4 Feb 12:31pm | PC | 1

Pokemon GO Will Be...
Pokemon GO Will Be Shown at GDC 2016

More details about Niantic's augmented reality, real-world Pokemon game will be revealed next month at the 2016 Game Developers Conference.
Thursday 4 Feb 11:57am | iOS | Android

Opinion: Hearthstone...
Opinion: Hearthstone Cards Should Be Rebalanced, Not Phased Out

Blizzard have announced a new Ranked format for Hearthstone that will filter out old cards, but Dylan does this do more harm than good?
Thursday 4 Feb 11:00am | PC | iOS | 3

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