The Weekend Chat: Should More Developers Forgo Publishers?

Is the classic publisher-developer relationship unsustainable?

The Weekend Chat: Should More Developers Forgo Publishers?

The Weekend Chat: Should More Developers Forgo Publishers?

Is the classic publisher-developer relationship unsustainable?

The Weekend Chat:...
The Weekend Chat: Should More Developers Forgo Publishers?

Is the classic publisher-developer relationship unsustainable? Can others learn from Hellblade’s efforts?
Friday 24 Nov 3:00pm | PS4 | Xbox One | Switch | PC | 5

Sea of Thieves’...
Sea of Thieves’ Final Testing Phase Open to All, Begins Soon

Xbox One and PC players can sign up before December 1, to participate in the game’s last technical alpha session.
Friday 24 Nov 1:33pm | Xbox One | PC | 3

December 2017 Game...
December 2017 Game Release Schedule

The year is winding up, so is it time to tackle your backlog? Or should you hold off for a handful of releases? Read the list and find out.
Friday 24 Nov 1:00pm | PS4 | Xbox One | Switch | PC | 5

Pokemon Ultra Sun and...
Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Has Touching Reference to Satoru Iwata

"This amazing guy came along and made a program for us that solved all our problems."
Friday 24 Nov 9:36am | 3DS | 4

Marvel Heroes Dev...
Marvel Heroes Dev Shuts Down, Lays Off Entire Staff - Report

Comments from employees at Gazillion have appeared, and a leaked internal email the company’s CEO seems to confirm it.
Friday 24 Nov 8:15am | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | 2

Here’s How Soma’s...
Here’s How Soma’s Upcoming Safe Mode Will Work

Monsters will no longer kill the player, but they will still be present – and react to them accordingly.
Thursday 23 Nov 2:16pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PC

Hellblade Hits 500K in...
Hellblade Hits 500K in Sales, Makes Profit

The psychological action game – which was developed and self-published by Ninja Theory – is doing well for itself.
Thursday 23 Nov 1:23pm | PS4 | PC | 8

Steam’s Latest...
Steam’s Latest Seasonal Sale Is Live

From now until November 29, thousands of games have had their prices slashed. Find out more inside.
Thursday 23 Nov 8:48am | PC | 5

Xbox Live Games with...
Xbox Live Games with Gold for December 2017

Xbox Live Gold members will get access to four games over the next month – two on Xbox One, and two on Xbox 360.
Thursday 23 Nov 8:22am | Xbox One | 360 | 4

EA Under Investigation...
EA Under Investigation by State of Hawaii for 'Predatory Practices'

"This game is a Star Wars-themed online casino," said democratic state representative Chris Lee. "It's a trap."
Wednesday 22 Nov 2:30pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | 21

Belgium Concludes That...
Belgium Concludes That Lootboxes Are Gambling, Moves to Ban Them in Europe [Update]

“The mixing of money and addiction is gambling,” the Belgian Gaming Commission declared this week.
Wednesday 22 Nov 1:32pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | 20

Neverwinter Nights:...
Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition Announced

UI elements have had their resolution bumped up, in addition to some new graphical options, and backwards compatibility with saves.
Wednesday 22 Nov 9:26am | PC | 4

See Gotenks in Action...
See Gotenks in Action with This Dragon Ball FighterZ Trailer

The brief trailer gives us a look at the fighting game’s latest character, who looks to have some fast mixups.
Wednesday 22 Nov 8:37am | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | 2

Telltale’s Latest...
Telltale’s Latest Batman Episode Is Out Now

In episode three of Batman: The Enemy Within, Bruce Wayne finds his loyalties split between different allies.
Wednesday 22 Nov 8:15am | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | 2

Star Wars: Battlefront II
Star Wars: Battlefront II Review

It’s by far one of the most beautiful looking Star Wars games to date – but amidst all the controversy, how does the game hold up?
Tuesday 21 Nov 1:30pm | PS4 | 11

Holiday Costumes and...
Holiday Costumes and More on the Way to Street Fighter 5

Multiple fighters will be getting some holiday-themed threads, in addition to some nostalgic throwback costumes.
Tuesday 21 Nov 9:35am | PS4 | PC

EA Changes Need for...
EA Changes Need for Speed Payback’s Progression, Following Star Wars Battlefront 2 Controversy

Rep and Bank currencies have had their rates increased across both loot boxes, and throughout the game.
Tuesday 21 Nov 9:05am | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | 11

Valkyria Chronicles 4...
Valkyria Chronicles 4 Announced

Sega announced that the game will be heading west in 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.
Tuesday 21 Nov 8:15am | PS4 | Xbox One | Switch | 5

Soma Introducing...
Soma Introducing Threat-Free 'Safe Mode'

In Safe Mode, players will be able to explore through the game without the risk of being killed by monsters.
Monday 20 Nov 2:29pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | 4

The Witcher 3,...
The Witcher 3, Cyberpunk Dev Throws Shade at Games-As-A-Service Model

“No hidden catch, you get what you pay for — no bullshit, just honest gaming like with Wild Hunt.”
Monday 20 Nov 1:56pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | 7

Street Fighter V:...
Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Gets New V-Triggers, Mix Ups, and More

Head on inside to watch the new gameplay trailer, which gives a peek behind the curtain at some new moves.
Monday 20 Nov 1:21pm | PS4 | PC | 2

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