LEGO Dimensions Hands-On Preview

We take the Batmobile, DeLorean, and whatever else we want for a spin in the upcoming LEGO title.

LEGO Dimensions Hands-On Preview

LEGO Dimensions Hands-On Preview

We take the Batmobile, DeLorean, and whatever else we want for a spin in the upcoming LEGO title.

Zero Escape 3...
Zero Escape 3 Announced for Vita, 3DS

Zero Escape 3 will "have you as a player question your philosophies," and is getting a simultaneous Japanese/American release next year.
Monday 6 Jul 3:06pm | Vita | 3DS

Minecraft: Windows 10...
Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Announced, Beta Starts This Month

Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition's beta will be available July 29, free for all those who've bought the PC version of Minecraft.
Monday 6 Jul 12:50pm | PC

This Week's MyRepublic...
This Week's MyRepublic Gaming Night is Driveclub on PlayStation 4

This week, Kiwi gamers can get together to play Driveclub on PlayStation 4 as part of MyRepublic Gaming Nights.
Monday 6 Jul 12:29pm | PS4 | 2

Mega Man, Mighty No. 9...
Mega Man, Mighty No. 9 Creator Back on Kickstater with Red Ash

Keiji Inafune and Comcept have taken to Kickstarter once again, this time for a spiritual successor to Mega Man Legends.
Monday 6 Jul 10:56am | PS4 | Xbox One | PS3 | 360 | Wii U | PC | Vita | 3DS | 2

Path of Exile's Next...
Path of Exile's Next Expansion, The Awakening, Out This Week

The next expansion for Kiwi-made action role-playing game Path of Exile, The Awakening, will be out on July 10, this Friday.
Monday 6 Jul 10:11am | PC | 1

Report: Dragon Quest...
Report: Dragon Quest VII, VIII 3DS Ports Getting Western Release

Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii has reportedly let slip that Western releases of Dragon Quest VII and VIII for 3DS are in the works.
Monday 6 Jul 9:25am | 3DS

Minecraft Story Mode's...
Minecraft Story Mode's First Trailer and Details Revealed

At MineCon 2015, Telltale Games unveiled the first trailer for Minecraft: Story Mode, and a star-studded cast lead by Patton Oswalt.
Monday 6 Jul 8:40am | PS4 | Xbox One | PS3 | 360 | PC | iOS | Android | 1

Fallout Shelter...
Fallout Shelter Android Version 'Should Be Out Next Month'

"Haven't announced a date, but should be out next month. We'll let you know when we have specifics," said Bethesda's Pete Hines.
Friday 3 Jul 3:10pm | iOS | Android | 10

Square Enix Teases...
Square Enix Teases Dragon Quest-related Reveal Next Week

A "big title" will be unveiled in next week's Weekly Jump magazine, with a teaser making a reference to Dragon Quest V.
Friday 3 Jul 12:43pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PS3 | 360 | Wii U | PC | Vita | 3DS | iOS | Android | 5

New Trailer, Story...
New Trailer, Story Details for Danganronpa Another Episode

The latest trailer introduces the Warriors of Hope, a group of children trying to create a "Children's Paradise" by killing all adults.
Friday 3 Jul 11:35am | Vita | 1

Humble's Leading...
Humble's Leading Ladies Bundle Raising Funds for Girls Make Games

Humble Bundle has launched the Leading Ladies 2 bundle, which celebrates indie games with female leads while raising money for Girls Make Games.
Friday 3 Jul 10:44am | PC | 4

It Was Fan Demand That...
It Was Fan Demand That Kept The Last Guardian Alive

When asked whether Sony could have cancelled the game, Yoshida said that "if everyone stopped asking about it, probably we would have."
Friday 3 Jul 9:44am | PS4 | 5

Open-world RPG ELEX...
Open-world RPG ELEX Announced by Gothic Developer

Piranha Bytes and Nordic Games have announced ELEX, an "edgy, dark, uncompromising, complex" science-fantasy open-world RPG.
Friday 3 Jul 9:21am | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | 3

Horizon: Zero Dawn's...
Horizon: Zero Dawn's E3 Trailer, Now with Developer Commentary

Guerrilla Games have released a new video for Horizon: Zero Dawn, which shows footage from the E3 trailer with some additional developer..
Friday 3 Jul 8:44am | PS4 | 5

LEGO Dimensions Hands-On
LEGO Dimensions Hands-On Preview

We take the Batmobile, DeLorean, and whatever else we want for a spin in the LEGO toys-to-life game scheduled for release later this year.
Friday 3 Jul 8:00am | PS4

Battle Fantasia:...
Battle Fantasia: Revised Edition Heading to Steam This Month

Arc System Works' fantasy RPG-themed 2D fighting game makes its debut on PC next week, with the release of the Revised Edition on Steam.
Thursday 2 Jul 2:45pm | PC | 1

Call of Duty: Black...
Call of Duty: Black Ops III Getting a Prequel Comic

The comic series traces events leading up to Call of Duty: Black Ops III, and will kick off a few days before the game itself launches.
Thursday 2 Jul 1:31pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PS3 | 360 | PC

Releasing this Month:...
Releasing this Month: July 2015

This month sees the launch of God of War III Remastered, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, King's Quest, Rugby League Live 3, and more.
Thursday 2 Jul 1:07pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PS2 | PS3 | 360 | Wii U | PC | Vita | iOS | Android | Xbox | 14

World of Final...
World of Final Fantasy: Interview with Director Hiroki Chiba

We talk airships, world maps, Active Time Battles, and more with the director of the upcoming Final Fantasy monster-collecting RPG.
Thursday 2 Jul 12:00pm | PS4 | Vita | 4

Report: Warner Bros....
Report: Warner Bros. Knew About Arkham Knight PC Issues Before Shipping

Sources from the QA team say Warner Bros. had known about the PC version's issues for months, but shipped the game anyway.
Thursday 2 Jul 10:25am | PC | 8

PlayStation Plus July...
PlayStation Plus July Line-up Revealed

July's games include Rocket League, Entweined, Styx: Master of Shadows, MouseCraft, Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions, and rain.
Thursday 2 Jul 9:48am | PS4 | PS3 | Vita | 13

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